Sunday, 3 April 2016

why trump shouldn't triumph?!

Donald trump very familiar name to all by all means.Many would know him from american reality show "THE APPRENTICE" in which contestants took part to work as a apprentice to an american billionaire,or others as presidential candidate following this year. but definitely we all know him on his potential to be an obnoxious man he is!!

                      so why trump should not win..  

There are plenty of reasons out there which guide us that he should not win.the reason that top the chart is c'mon guys whom we are kidding we all know he is douche bag.His constant controversial quotes which depict him as "ONLY PATRIOTIC" the word is used very wisely,there is nothing wrong being patriotic but one should think globally. even captain america care about the world so why can't you trump WHYY?? 

                some of the trump quotes makes us think twice about this guy

PS: all the quote listed below was spoken by donald trump and i'm quoting them.

1. on hillary clinton's presidential ambitions
"if hillary clinton can't satisfy her husband what makes her think that she can satisfy america?" 

you trump!! you just can't judge a politician on such basis it's just ridiculous

2. on his solution to the illegal immigration problem:
" i will build a great wall and no one builds walls better than me,believe me and i'll build them very inexpensively. i will build a great great wall on our southern border and i will make mexico pay for it mark my words"

so now you'll do that to mexican!! how can you just forget how mexicans fulfills your drugs supply and demands and help the fugitives to escape WINK*. or you want china to provide you employment.

there are many such things spoken by presidential candidate in his campaign

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

                        JAT'S  RESERVATION AGITATION

jat's reservation agitation is one of  the civil issue in highlights nowaday. for those who are unaware of the issue here is the quick flashbacks,incidents and facts that circles the situation.

so basically jat's reservation agitation is the series of ongoing protests by jat people of north india these protests are mainly happening in haryana. The protesters are seeking inclusion of their caste in OBC category (other backward class) first started in haryana now it's spread out to rajasthan.
  Actually the issue which being protesting here is same as the issue protested by "patels" in gujarat under the leadership of hardik patel and not only they share same issue but in both situation protest leads to violent ways like destruction of public properties, public sector buildings,private offices and etc.

                     LETTER TO MY REBELLIOUS JAT'S  

     so you guys want to part of obc's means other backward castes!!! okayyy totally get that point but 
IS THIS THE REAL WAY?? guys! first when this moment was started we all thought the you guys want to chance people's point of view like any time someone type jat in google then instead of poping the suggestions like jokes on them or about IQ'S there must some serious note like jat's reservation, agitation etc but later on when this rebellion want to far from just burning of local buses,removing railways tracks to murders and rapes then everyone was forced to think about your IQ'S means literally guys! not as a joke according to police report more than 20 people was murdered and 200+ was injured during this protest and many rape case was also filled,that's just pathetic.There can be a big debate about your ideology about inclusion in obc and maybe your point of view come clean on other side but definitely your ways of doing things are just not tolerable and sooo wrong and so were patels in gujarat. there must be a standard procedure for this or else you know what can you do? u can perform fast and hunger strikes and have a vadapav behind the stage. #gandhirocks #bethechange.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

freedom of speech

                              JOURNALISTS IN INDIA

recently i have heard the debate of Mr.arnub goswami with couple of JNU students. i mean seriously guys u call that an hour of bullshit "debate" i am so not talking about the content of the debate so no gun on my head. but after seeing complete debate all i was able to recall was arnub shouting "wait a minute wait a minute" and "ANTI-NATIONAL" he was not giving a single chance to students to speak up. well yesss dude we got that it was debate but still stop being such an asshole.though he got preety good points and his point of view was totally legitimate as usual. but u know what was the funny part of that debate "nupur sharma" she was like all on and on saying "i have a question i have a question" okaayyy we got it but nupur u were on prime time with arnub all we can see is u were trying to steal arnub's thunder.

i also like to add something about the issue that was being debated "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" or "SEDITION" that 

dear JNU students offcourse we all are granted with freedom of speech but trying to publish some facts about right and wrong done to a terrorist guys they are terrorists they lost their rights at a moment they went rogue so it is an act against country.

having a freedom you are allowed to run naked but u can't demand others to do so.well u can always request.