Thursday, 25 February 2016

freedom of speech

                              JOURNALISTS IN INDIA

recently i have heard the debate of Mr.arnub goswami with couple of JNU students. i mean seriously guys u call that an hour of bullshit "debate" i am so not talking about the content of the debate so no gun on my head. but after seeing complete debate all i was able to recall was arnub shouting "wait a minute wait a minute" and "ANTI-NATIONAL" he was not giving a single chance to students to speak up. well yesss dude we got that it was debate but still stop being such an asshole.though he got preety good points and his point of view was totally legitimate as usual. but u know what was the funny part of that debate "nupur sharma" she was like all on and on saying "i have a question i have a question" okaayyy we got it but nupur u were on prime time with arnub all we can see is u were trying to steal arnub's thunder.

i also like to add something about the issue that was being debated "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" or "SEDITION" that 

dear JNU students offcourse we all are granted with freedom of speech but trying to publish some facts about right and wrong done to a terrorist guys they are terrorists they lost their rights at a moment they went rogue so it is an act against country.

having a freedom you are allowed to run naked but u can't demand others to do so.well u can always request.

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